Design and development of stoves

We design and developing stoves and stoves inserts is based on our design and also according to our client’s requests. Our customers come from companies in Belgium, great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, and Slovakia.

We provide a complete service, generally, our work includes:

  • proposal of first design based on task from designer

  • proposal of basic measurements according to requirements for its performance, used materials, production price, market segment

  • 3D construction and modeling, production data creation

  • presentation, animation, illustration, photography necessary for marketing ( PhotoView )

  • gases (air ) flow-simulation in combustion chamber, optimization to reach required results during testing

  • optimization of construction solution based on flow simulation

  • prototype production in client’s presence during manufacture

  • finding solution for technological production processes and their transfer into the structural solution

  • 3D print prototype parts, forms for iron castings before production, stainless stell castings, poured vermiculite

  • calculating cost, consultation, determining technological procedures and choosing the best technologies for manufacturing

  • testing and certification to the standard required by the client, for example: EN 13240, DIN+, A15, BimSch VStufe 1,2,  Nordic Swan, Flame Verte, Hetas 

Among our services we also rework and improve the structure and design of already completed stoves project and fireplace inserts. We have already experienced that this is important after running flow simulations to obtain some of the standards. Also great to improve the quality of combustion, transmission quality and transmission performance, or for upgrading the design.