Designing other

The options of modern production technology, usage of modern materials, our own ideas and field experience are our tools in constructing machine parts and whole units according to our clients assignment.

Our products are functional and simple at the same time. We are using possibilities of system SolidWorks Profesional. Its analysis option allow us to prove our feel for dimensioning of parts and materials used. Strength and fatigue analysis makes it possible to optimize the weight and thus the price according to the wishes of our clients. High safety and durability modeled elements is assured of course.

We create production drawings, including helpful animations to be used for manufacture, assembly, and final inspection.

Processing illustration, realistic photography (Photo View), animation and video are great tools that we offer for marketing strategy.

We also perform redesigning, modernizig of existing facilities and elements. The conversion of parts and assemblies are made from 2D drawings into 3D models. These are updated and innovative features are introduced into the design to optimize production costs, strength, safety and durability.